flax - one of the grains grown in the "Bread Colonies", Concession and Agreement - New Jersey document promising freedoms, Delaware - colony that was originally part of Pennsylvania, congregation - another word for religious group, Quaker - The founder of Pennsylvania--William Penn's religion, Pennsylvania Dutch - another tern for the Amish , libel - writing or publishing comments that hurt a person's reputation, Pennsylvania - William Penn's colony, tolerance - one of our IB Learner Profile traits that means being accepting of others' differences, Philadelphia - an important city in colonial Pennsylvania , New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware - the Middle Colonies, Poor Richard's Almanac - a collection of calendars, tide tables, moon phases, weather forecasts, and advice written by Ben Franklin, Amish - group pf people who live in similar ways of the 1700s, William Bartram - a scientist and artist who specialized in flowers; they even called him the "Flower Hunter",

SS Weekly: Middle Colonies




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