abate - to make less, become smaller, abduct - to kidnap, take by force, abet - to aid or help, abhor - to hate, detest, abject - miserable, pitiful, abjure - to reject, abandon formally, abridge - to shorten or condense, abrogate - to repeal or cancel, abscond - to sneak away and hide, acrid - harsh in taste or odor, adroit - skillful; clever, aegis - a shield or protection, affectation - a phony attitude, pose, affluence - wealth, richness, agape - open-mouthed, surprised, altruism - generosity, ambivalence - uncertainty, doubt, amiable - friendly, sociable, amorphous - shapeless; formless, antipathy - an intense dislike, antithesis - an exact opposite, aspiration - goal, baleful - deadly, balk - to block suddenly, ballad - a story/narrative in poetic form, banal - dull; boring, bard - a poet - often a singer as well. , baroque - overly decorated, bauble - a showy but useless thing, bearing - carrying, bedlam - a noisy uproar; mayhem, behemoth - something of tremendous power and size, benign - harmless, bereft - made unhappy through a loss, beseech - to beg, plead, besiege - to surround and attack, besmirch - to stain, bestial - savage, brutal, bland - mild, tasteless, blandish - to coax using flattery,

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