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True: 1000g = 1kg, 568ml = 1 pint, 1000mm = 1m, 60 mins in an hour, 1000ml = 1 litre, 1000p is £10, £1 is 100p, 1000kg = tonne, 100g is 0.1kg, 2000g = 2kg, 500g = 0.5kg, 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, False: 100g = 1kg, 500ml = 1 pint, 1000cm = 1m, 30 mins in an hour, 100ml in a litre, 20p in £2, 500g is 5kg , 1000g in a litre, 12 hours in a day,

Units of measurements (with decimals)


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