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adolescence - the period of your life when you change from being a child to being a young adult, divorced - no longer married because the marriage has been legally ended, only child - a child with no brothers or sisters, single - not married, brother-in-law - a brother of your husband or wife, nephew - a son of your brother or sister, niece - a daughter of your brother or sister, wife - a female partner in a marriage, stepfather - mother’s new husband in a second or later marriage, argue with smb about smth - speak to each other in an angry way because they disagree, infant - a baby, or a very young child, orphan - a child whose parents have died, toddler - a very young child who is learning how to walk, tween - a child who is not yet a teen (ie about 10-12 years old), twin - one of two children born at the same time to the same mother., get smb down - make smb upset, furious - very angry, borrow smth - use something that belongs to someone else, and promise to give it back to them later, repair - fix smth broken,

Gateway B1 Unit 1


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