How has your approach to PD evolved over the last few years?, What does global citizenship mean to you? How do you teach it in your classroom?, How have you used stories and storytelling in the classroom?, How often do you build student choice into your lessons?, What’s your favorite song for teaching English, and how have you used it?, How consistently do you use rubrics in the classroom? Be honest ;), How do you make reviewing a success?, What does intercultural communicative competence (ICC) mean to you, and how do you integrate it into your instruction?, Why is peer feedback important, and how can we use it to facilitate learning?, When teaching gets you down, what are your strategies to motivate yourself?, How do you ensure a balance between teacher talk time and student talk time?, What are your go-to strategies for being more reflective in your teaching practice?, What are your go-to strategies for building rapport on the first day or in the first week?, What strategies do you use to ensure that diversity is represented in your classroom?, How do you celebrate learners’ first language while supporting their English skills?.

The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast - Reflection Questions


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