1) These are the ______ books. a) teachers b) teacher's c) teacher' 2) Is it your scooter? No, it isn't. It's ______. a) Vicky's b) Vick c) Vickys' 3) ______ laptop is new. a) Lucas b) Lucas'ss c) Lucas' 4) ______ bike is old. a) Bruno's and Lucia's b) Brunos' and Lucias'  c) Bruno and Lucia's 5) ______ cell phones are black. a) Mary and Bob's b) Mary's and Bob's c) Mary' and Bob' 6) ______ tablet is pink. a) Liz' b) Liz c) Liz's 7) The ______ T-shirt is red. a) boy's b) boys' c) boy 8) Their ______ house is beautiful. a) parents's b) parents' c) parents 9) My ______ bedroom is very small. a) brother's b) brother c) brother' 10) My ______ shoes are brown. a) uncles's b) uncles' c) uncle's 11) Is it Martin's radio? No, it isn't. It's ______. a) Stevens b) Steven's c) Steven' 12) Marco is my uncle. He is my ______. a) mother's brother. b) sister's brother. c) aunt's brother. 13) Marta is my grandmother. She is my ______. a) mother's sister b) mother's mother c) mother's cousin 14) George is my father. He is my ______. a) aunt's husband. b) grandmother's husband. c) mother's husband. 15) Leo is my cousin. He is my ______. a) uncle's and aunt's son b) uncle and aunt son c) uncle and aunt's son 16) ______ car is big. a) My friend b) My friend's c) My friends' 17) ______ boyfriends are French. a) Kelly and Tina's b) Kelly's and Tina's c) Kellys' and Tinas' 18) ______ is cute. a) The man dog b) The man's dog c) The men's dog 19) ______ luggages are big. a) Karina's and Patricia's b) Karina and Patricia's c) Karinas' and Patricias' 20) ______ toys are colorful. a) The babys' b) The babies' c) The baby's




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