Who are the main characters? - George Milton and Lennie Small , Who wrote the novel? - John Steinbeck, What is the novel's full title? - Of Mice and Men, How does the novel begin? - George and Lennie sleep by the pool for the night before going to the ranch., Where is the novel set? - California, USA, When was the novel written? - in the 1930s, Which scene do you think is most popular? - The scene when Lennie crushes Curley's hand., Three words to describe Lennie would be... - child-like, strong, huge, Three words to describe George would be ... - small, quick-tempered, thoughtful, Three words to describe Crooks would be... - submissive, black, lonely, Three words to describe Curley's wife would be... - lonely, flirty, unhappy, Three words to describe Curley would be... - short, boxer, mean, Three words to describe Candy would be... - old, dog-lover, worried,

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