1) Two kids in the class keep misbehaving. The teacher said she is going to have to take away recess time every time someone interrupts. 2) The class laughed when Amelia got the wrong answer. How does she feel? How does the teacher feel? 3) Jeff is starting a new school today. How does he feel? 4) The girl you sit next to on the bus is crying because she got a bad grade on her math test.  How is she feeling? What could you say to her? 5) Ruth spilled milk on her shirt at lunch. How is she feeling? What could you say to her? 6) Ryan missed 3 days of school because he was sick. He is behind in math now. How does he feel? 7) Laura is stuttering when she is giving her book report to the class. How is she feeling? 8) Lisa forgot her science book and her project is due tomorrow. How is she feeling? How could she solve this problem? 9) Your friend got new glasses and asks you what you think? You don't like the glasses. What could you say to your friend? 10) Ryan walks to school every day. She has been late 3 times this week.




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