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Imperialism - Countries taking over other countries, militarism - Belief that building up a strong military is the MOST important thing for a country, nationalism - a strong pride in one's country and willing to fight for it, alliance - agreement between countries to support and defend each other, isolationism - belief that countries should stay out of other countries' affairs, zimmerman note - German telegram asking Mexico to align with Germany and in return they would receive some US territory, trench warfare - form of war where each side dug trenches for protection, no mans land - the area between the trenches, treaty of versailles - officially ended the war, league of nations - international organization formed after WW1 to prevent further wars, Franz Ferdinand  - Archduke of Austria Hungary that was assassinated and triggered WW1, Allied Powers - the US entered the war on this side, Central Powers - Germany fought on this side, Lusitania - the British cargo ship sunk by German Sub,


Community Arigdon World War 1

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