1) What does ZPD stand for a) Zone proximal development b) Types of development c) Zone of development d) Zone of proximal design 2) What is scaffolding? a) Socialising with children b) A form of support for meeting children's needs  c) Keeping children safe d) Looking after a child's well being 3) How is scaffolding included in mathematics a) counting with children b) Show, then ask the child to repeat c) Football d) Drawing around shapes 4) Who created the theory ZPD a) Bruner b) Bowlby c) Vygotsky d) Frobel 5) What factors positively affect how children learn mathematics? a) Dyscalculia b) Socio-economic c) Brain Damage d) Parents and Carers 6) Identify 2 ways maths is evident in children's everyday lives a) Playing shop in the home corner b) Falling over c) Tying shoe laces d) Finding numbers on a remote control 7) How could you scaffold children's mathematical development? a) Model concepts b) Child to work independently c) Having math resources d) Work together with the child 8) The EYFS profile is based on assessment in ... a) 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas b) 4 prime ares c) 3 specific areas d) English and maths 9) The EYFS mathematics , is divided into 2 aspects, these are.. a) Attitude & math learning b) Problem solving & sorting c) Volume and capacity d) Numbers&shape, Space and measure 10) An example of a biological factor is.. a) the influence of parents and carers b) attitude towards maths c) socio-economic factors d) Learning disability 11) Which theorist was influenced by Vygotsky a) Bandura b) Skinner c) Bruner d) Chomsky 12) Mathematics is a prime area of the EYFS a) False b) True 13) What are Bruner's Modes of Representation a) inactive, cronic, symbolic b) Enactive, Iconic, symbolic c) reactive, platonic, simple d) enactive, emergent, symbolic 14) What does enactive mean? a) not engaged b) doing, which is action based. c) watching and learning 15) What does iconic mean? a) seeing, which is visual b) keyworker support c) a celebrity 16) What is symbolic? a) math blocks to help count b) Abstract, in the form of codes or symbols c) calculation d) information

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