compose - to write or create, conceivable - capable of being imagined, consecutive - following continuously in a logical sequence, contour - the physical outline of the shape of something, contract - to decrease, contradict - to state the opposite , correlate - to match up two or more things, corrollary - a natural consequence or result, critical - at the point of death or total failure, cryptic - having a secret or hidden meaning, cumbersome - large or heavy , debacle - a complete failure, deficit - shortfall; amount by which something is short, demean - to humiliate, denouement - conclusion or ending, depict - to portray or illustrate, depraved - corrupt or morally bad , determine - to discover or learn , devoid - empty or lacking substance, differentiate - to identify differences between, diffuse - spread out over a large area, digress - to leave the main subject; to ramble, diminish - to make or become less, dingy - dirty, dull, or shabby, discrepancy - inconsistency or difference, disposition - a person's inherent qualities of mind and character, dissoluble - able to be dissolved, loosened, or disconnected, dynamic - characterized by constant change, activity, or progress, eclectic - taken from many different sources, eclipse - to surpass or overshadow or be better than,

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