1) watches TV in the evening? 2) is studying for a test at the moment? 3) goes to school by car? 4) is having lunch at the moment? 5) is feeling happy at the moment? 6) lives near you? 7) is looking for a hobby at the moment? 8) is meeting a friend tonight? 9) wants to live in another country ? 10) checks emails every day? 11) is reading an interesting book at the moment? 12) drinks milk every morning? 13) loves drinking tea? 14) hates doing chores? 15) wants to go on holiday? 16) likes eating pizza? 17) has a pet? 18) has a sibing? 19) is going to the cinema this weekend? 20) is looking forward to Christmas? 21) wants to go to school? 22) likes doing sports? 23) usually goes abroad in the summer holidays? 24) hates winter? 25) likes winter? 26) likes watching action films? 27) prefers TV series? 28) usually eats a big lunch at school? 29) goes to school on foot? 30) has a scooter?


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