1) We ____ town on Saturday afternoons. We hate shopping when it's busy a) avoid b) miss c) decide 2) I ____ a burger, medium fries and a chocolate milkshake, please. a) like b) 'd like c) love 3) They usually eat in the most expensive restaurants, but we ____ it. We don't have enough money. a) don't mind b) can't afford c) enjoy 4) My little brother ____ that he's riding a motorbike. He makes motorbike noises and runs around the house a) enjoys b) spends time c) pretends 5) I don't know how I'll ___ to finish all this homework before school on Monday, but I'll try. a) manage b) consider c) hope 6) Chris doesn't mind ___ for English lessons. He goes on holiday to England every summer. a) paying b) to pay 7) Amy avoids ___ . She has blonde hair and very fair skin. a) to sunbathe b) sunbathing 8) Do you want ___ camping at the weekend? a) going b) to go




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