1) I ______ fine. a) am b) are 2) I ______ at home. a) am b) is 3) I ______ at the park now. a) 's b) am 4) You ______ a actress. a) am b) are 5) You ______ a boy. a) is b) are 6) That girl ______ my sister. a) is b) am 7) This man ______ my father. a) are b) is 8) He ______ a good actor. a) is b) are 9) Jonh ______ at the park. a) is not b) are not 10) That boy ______ my brother a) am not b) is not 11) My cousin ______ at home. a) is b) are 12) She ______ a good actress. a) am b) is 13) She ______ alone. a) is b) am 14) That woman ______ my grandmother. a) are not b) is not 15) This present ______ from my grandfather. a) is b) are 16) It ______ a video game. a) are b) is 17) It ______ a mini car. a) is b) are 18) He ______ my grandfather. a) Are b) is not 19) She ___ my daughter. a) Is b) Are 20) This box ____ small. a) Is b) Are 21) She____ a beautiful girl. a) Am b) Is 22) Lucy _____ at home. a) Is b) Am 23) He ________alone at the park? a) Are b) Is




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