1) Who lives near the New Forest? a) Sam b) Jess c) Billy d) Ana 2) Where does she write about the animals she sees? a) In her diary b) On her tablet 3) Which animal does she see on day 1? a) Rabbit b) Woodpecker c) Deer d) Squirrel 4) What did the squirrel eat on day 2? a) Cheese b) Leaves c) Nut d) Apple 5) What noise does the woodpeckers beak make? a) Bang! b) Crash! c) Boom! d) Tap! 6) What is the woodpecker looking for? a) Insects b) Mammals c) Fish d) Reptiles 7) What did the ponies do? a) Gallop b) Stay still c) Run away 8) How many days did Ana write in her diary? a) 5 b) 8 c) 2 d) 4





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