1) I _____ my job every day a) DO b) DOES 2) You need to _______ your homework a) DO b) DOES 3) I’m not going to ____ anything a) DO b) DOES 4) _____ you need anything? a) DOES b) DO 5) We ______ need your help a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 6) I _____ know anything about science a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 7) She _____ her nails every week a) DOES b) DO 8) He never _____ the dishes a) DOES b) DO 9) _____ she still live in California? a) DOES b) DO 10) I _____ like coffee a) DON'T b) DOESN'T 11) Where ______ he go to school? a) DO b) DOES 12) She ______ want dessert a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 13) He _____ know Spanish a) DOESN'T b) DON'T




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