1) My cousin's name's James, but we call_________ Jim. a) him b) his 2) Are these __________ books here? Yes, they are ________. a) your, my b) yours, my c) your, mine d) yours, mine 3) Most people are happy with their names, but Sarah doesn't like _________. a) her b) hers 4) What are ________ children called? a) her b) hers 5) I gave them my phone number, but they didn't give me ____________. a) theirs b) their 6) Are these our coats? No, __________ are on the bed. a) our b) ours 7) She will call us when _________ flight arrives. a) her b) hers 8) Can you send _________ the information? a) he b) him 9) It's a really good restaurant, but I can never remember ________ name. a) his b) its c) it




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