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1) faire la lessive a) do the laundry b) wash the dishes c) wash the dog 2) sortir la poubelle a) take out the trash b) clean the bed c) wash the dishes 3) passer l'aspirateur a) to clean b) to vacuum c) to wah 4) faire le menage a) to dust b) to have fun c) to do house chores 5) faire la vaisselle a) to wash the hands b) to wash the dishes c) to wash the dog 6) debarasser la table a) to clear the table b) to set up the table c) to eat 7) faire les courses a) to run errands b) to go to classes c) to prepare diner 8) enlever la poussiere a) to clean b) to dust c) to wash 9) tondre la gazon a) to mow the lown b) to water the plants c) to dance 10) balayer a) to wash dishes b) to do laundry c) to sweep


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