1) I think you are working too ... You need a holiday. a) hard b) hardly 2) She sang ... a) beautiful b) beautifully 3) You speak German ... - just like a German. a) perfect b) perfectly 4) Please talk ...I don't want the baby to wake up. a) quiet b) quietly 5) She had no problems at all with the exam. She passed it ... a) easy b) easily 6) Don't drive so ... It's dangerous. a) fast b) fastly 7) I understood what to do because she explained everything very... a) good b) well 8) Please carry the glasses ... They are very expensive. a) careful b) carefully 9) She didn't cry or scream. She just listened very ...when I told her the terrible news. a) calm b) calmly 10) I asked him very .... but he refused. a) polite b) politely




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