1. I really get on ____ with my older sister. With the younger one the relationship isn’t very good. 2. Mia and Robert have been going ____ together since high school. 3. My younger son ____ around ____ your grandson. Did you know they see each other every day, even on Sundays? 4. I split ____ with Paul last year. Now I have a new boyfriend, Tom, who is much more reliable than the previous one. 5. Get up, take a shower and ____ dressed! Breakfast will be ready in a minute! 6. My mum knows how to ____ ____ table. This Christmas her table looked so charming I decided to take some lessons from her. 7. For New Year’s Eve party I always ____ my sister’s clothes. She has a great selection of fancy outfits. 8. One of my duties is to ____ part ____ business meetings. 9. She’s not really ____ on skiing. In winter she would spend all her spare time in front of a fireplace. 10. Let’s get ____ with all classmates and discuss the options. 11. Patricia is such an independent girl that I don’t think she will want to ____ a room with anybody.

Unit 3 Private life - useful phrases - egzamin ósmoklasisty




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