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chemical reaction - A change in which atoms are rearranged to create new substances and energy is given out or taken in., combustion - A chemical reaction in which a substance reacts quickly with oxygen and gives out light and heat., conservation of mass - The law that states that in chemical reactions and physical changes the total mass of reactants is equal to the total mass of products., decomposition - A chemical reaction in which a compound breaks down to form simpler compounds and/or elements., endothermic - An _______________ change transfers energy from the surroundings., exothermic - An ___________ change transfers energy to the surroundings., physical change - A change that is reversible, in which new substances are not made. Examples of _____________ ___________ include changes of state, and dissolving., product - A substance that is made in a chemical reaction., reactant - A starting substance in a chemical reaction., hazard - A possible source of danger., risk - The chance of damage or injury from hazard.,

Reactions year 7 crossword


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