1) When did the Celts arrive in Britain ? a) In 500 BC. b) In 600 BC. c) In 400 BC. 2) Where did the Celts come from ? a) Central Europe. b) Danemark. c) Scandinavia. 3) Who were the druids ? a) Warriors. b) Priests and leaders. 4) When did the Romans conquer Britain ? a) In the 2nd century AD. b) In the 1st century BC. c) In the 1st century AD.  5) Who founded a settlement called Londinum on the River Thames ? a) The Celts. b) The Romans. c) The Angles and the Saxons. 6) When did three Germanic tribes come to Britain ? a) In the 5th century AD. b) In the 4th century AD. c) In the 5th century BC. 7) Where did the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes come from ? a) Scandinavia. b) Denmark and northern Germany. c) France. 8) Who converted the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity in the 6th century ? a) Saint Patrick. b) Saint Augustine. c) Saint Anthony. 9) What was the language of the Church and the educated people in the 6th century ? a) French. b) Latin. c) Old English. 10) When did the Vikings invade Britain? a) In the 7th century. b) In the 8th century. c) In the 9th century.  11) Where did the Vikings come from? a) Denmark. b) France. c) Scandinavia. 12) Old Norse was the language of ... a) the Vikings. b) the Normans. 13) Where do the names of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday come from ?  a) Latin. b) Old Norse. c) Celtic language. 14) When did the Normans invade Britain ? a) In the 12th century. b) In the 9th century. c) In the 11th century. 15) William the Conqueror became king after the Battle of Hastings ... a) in 1066. b) In 1064. c) In 1068. 16) What was the language of the royals and the nobles in the 11th century ? a) Old English. b) Latin. c) French. 17) When did English language become dominant in England again ? a) In the 13th century. b) In the 14th century. c) In the 15th century.  18) When did Britain become a powerful colonial empire ? a) In the 15th century. b) In the 17th century. c) In the 16th century.  19) The first permanent British colony in North America was established in Jamestown in the... a) 16th century. b) 17th century. c) 18th century. 20) Where did the Normans come from ? a) Northern France. b) Central Europe. c) Northern Germany.

The Story of English (Grade 8)




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