1) Mary Anning was known as...? a) The greatest scientist ever b) The greatest palaeontologist ever c) The greatest fossil collector ever d) The greatest fossil hunter ever e) The greatest historian ever 2) She scoured the beaches near her home town of... a) Penzance b) Mersea c) Lyme Regis d) Bridport e) Burton Bradstock f) Swanage 3) She was born in..? a) 1789 b) 1799 c) 1801 d) 1899 e) 1790 4) She escaped death at 15 months old from...? a) nearly drowning b) being struck by lightening c) being attacked by a stray dog d) being dropped by her parents 5) When she was 10-12 she discovered the fossilised remains of...? a) an ichthyosaur b) a plesiosaur c) an ammonite d) a pterodactyl 6) To release fossils from rock, Mary used a...? a) chisel b) pointed hammer tool c) axe d) knife e) hand drill 7) Mary found and polished fossils on the beach so that...? a) she could collect these b) she could become famous c) she could sell them for money to support her family d) she could educate her peers 8) Mary is thought to be responsible for inspiring the tongue twister a) red lorry, yellow lorry b) Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers c) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck d) she sells sea shells 9) Mary Anning learnt her fossil craft from her...? a) Grandfather b) Mother c) Local fossil collector d) Teacher e) Father 10) Anning discovered too that when you grind up belemnites, you can make...? a) Ink for writing b) Tiles for roofing c) Sand for cement d) Paste for cooking 11) Mary Anning died age 47 from...? a) A heart attack b) A fall from a cliff while fossil hunting c) Breast cancer d) Old age e) Food poisoning 12) Mary was never allowed as a member of the Geological society in her lifetime because...? a) Her finds weren't significant enough b) She sold her fossils c) She couldn't read or write d) She was a woman




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