1) We have to --------------------------- the plants daily. a) lock b) explorer c) water d) talk 2) I --------------------------- my car every week. a) talk b) zebra c) escape d) clean 3) We park our cars in a ----------------------------. a) garage b) balcony c) sail d) zookeeper 4) The underground floor is called a ----------------------. a) voyage b) basement c) hurt d) read 5) There is a ---------------------- of jam in the fridge. a) jar b) discovered c) read d) water 6) We can see the view from this ------------------------. a) fall b) hurt c) tidy d) balcony 7) Take care, or you'll ------------------- on this wet floor. a) fall b) escape c) slip d) discovered 8) Don't --------------------- my pencil. a) sail b) kitten c) break d) garage 9) He may ---------------------- off his bike. a) sprained b) tidy c) fall d) break 10) My head and tooth -------------------- so much. a) hurt b) explorer c) escape d) famous 11) A --------------------- is a small cat. a) kitten b) discovered c) read d) dangerous 12) He saved us yesterday. He was a -------------------------. a) noise b) hero c) fall d) slip 13) We went on a ------------- across the desert last year. a) dangerous b) read c) explorer d) safari 14) A ------------------------ is black and white. a) talk b) dangerous c) balcony d) zebra 15) I have to ---------------- my room. a) surf b) basement c) tidy d) garage 16) Don't ------------------- on the phone loudly. a) sail b) talk c) zookeeper d) clean 17) We will ---------------------- the Net tomorrow. a) surf b) hurt c) safari d) fall 18) We will --------------------- a comic book next week. a) read b) famous c) sprained d) hero 19) I --------------------- my friends daily. a) famous b) text c) surf d) balcony 20) The thief didn't -------------------- last night. a) sprained b) text c) slip d) escape 21) We will ------------------- on a small boat. a) discovered b) zebra c) sail d) noise 22) Columbus is a famous ------------------------------. a) text b) balcony c) fall d) explorer 23) Ronaldo is a ---------------------- player. a) famous b) hurt c) balcony d) hero 24) We enjoyed our ------------------ in the sea 2 days ago. a) famous b) sprained c) voyage d) talk 25) This scientist ----------------------- this disease last year. a) voyage b) discovered c) hurt d) balcony 26) A ------------------------ looks after animals at the zoo. a) clean b) famous c) zookeeper d) zebra 27) We must ---------------------- the door at night. a) escape b) lock c) zookeeper d) voyage 28) A snake is a ------------------------ animal. a) kitten b) clean c) dangerous d) surf 29) Don't make ------------------ in the class. a) tidy b) water c) noise d) safari 30) He ----------------------- his ankle yesterday. a) noise b) sprained c) zookeeper d) fall

G5 Module 4 Vocabulary Revision




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