1) He is eating a ------------------------- of chocolate now. a) spices b) cereal c) bar d) yoghurt 2) I need a --------------------- of coffee. a) yoghurt b) keep c) packet d) cup 3) I had a ----------------- of cereal this morning. a) bowl b) healthy c) can d) vanilla 4) I'll get a ----------------------- of water to drink. a) cardamom b) bottle c) fizzy d) jar 5) The first -------------- is called breakfast. a) meal b) goatherd c) jar d) bar 6) Eating vegetables and fruit is ------------------. a) pie b) fizzy c) butter d) healthy 7) Add some --------------------- to my pizza. a) pie b) packet c) ketchup d) goatherd 8) Macaroni with sauce is called -----------------. a) can b) heart c) pasta d) bowl 9) I will make an apple ------------------ tomorrow. a) legend b) butter c) pie d) pasta 10) PEPSI is a ------------------------ drink. a) fizzy b) cereal c) packet d) collect 11) The ---------------------- pumps blood around body. a) heart b) goatherd c) jar d) cinnamon 12) Fast food is -------------------- to all of us. a) beans b) unhealthy c) pie d) ketchup 13) I will make some ------------------ juice for you. a) cinnamon b) jar c) cereal d) fresh 14) Exercise more to ---------------------- fit. a) yoghurt b) cinnamon c) healthy d) keep 15) We added some ---------------------- to fry our eggs. a) omelette b) bottle c) butter d) bowl 16) I like ---------------------. It's made from milk. a) can b) yoghurt c) vanilla d) cup 17) I use 5 eggs to make an ----------------------. a) omelette b) fizzy c) fresh d) pie 18) This is a jar of strawberry --------------------. a) jar b) collect c) legend d) unhealthy 19) Bees work hard and give us ------------------. a) collect b) honey c) omelette d) healthy 20) I have got a ---------------------- of biscuits. a) legend b) honey c) ketchup d) packet 21) She bought a --------------- of soup yesterday. a) goatherd b) keep c) can d) beans 22) This is a box of -------------------------------. a) honey b) healthy c) pie d) cereal 23) I would like to -------------------- coins. a) collect b) fizzy c) healthy d) unhealthy 24) Qatari people like coffee with -----------------. a) collect b) legend c) cardamom d) yoghurt 25) A ------------------ takes care of his herd. a) cardamom b) goatherd c) fizzy d) healthy 26) I'll order a ----------------------- ice-cream. a) cup b) collect c) vanilla d) keep 27) Indians like adding -------------- to their food. a) packet b) spices c) vanilla d) cardamom 28) People in Mexico add ---------------- to hot chocolate. a) heart b) cup c) cinnamon d) omelette 29) The Mayans grew cocoa ------------------ in the past. a) butter b) bar c) beans d) fresh 30) I think it's a -------------------- not a true story. a) beans b) legend c) vanilla d) pie

G5 Module 5 Vocabulary Revision




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