1) Who were the first American film makers? a) The Edision Brothers b) The Lumiere brothers 2) Who were the first French film makers? a) The Lumiere brothers b) The Edision Brothers 3) What Louis Luimere say about cinema when it first began? a) 'Cinema is an invention without a future'. b) 'Cinema is an invention with a future'. 4) Who was the first editor of film? a) Edwin Porter b) Thomas Edison 5) When was the first edited film released? a) 1903 b) 1900 c) 1902 d) 1913 6) What was Edwin Porter's first film called? a) The Life of an American Fireman b) Train Robbery 7) What was the first editing machine Walter Murch worked on? a) Moviola (upright moviola) b) Steingber 8) When did Walter Murch switch to computer editing? a) The mid 90's b) The mid 80's c) The late 70's d) The late 90's 9) How many hours of film does a major Hollywood production normally shoot? a) 200 hours (approx) b) 100 hours (approx) c) 250 hours (approx) d) 125 hours (approx) 10) Unspooled how far would the film Stretch? a) From L.A. to Vegas b) From Llanelli to Crew




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