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1) What should we use to chop food on? a) chopping board b) work top c) plate 2) What should we do before handling food? a) wash hands b) touch our face c) tie our hair back 3) what should we wear while cooking? a) jacket b) apron c) headphones 4) what should we use while handling hot items in the kitchen? a) bare hands b) apron c) oven glove 5) what should we wear in catering lesson while cooking? a) hair net b) winter hat c) jewellery 6) what should we always remember while working in the kitchen? a) run around b) listen to instructions carefully c) shout 7) what should you do if you cut yourself in catering? a) scream b) tell a staff member c) carry on cooking 8) what should you do if you are not feeling well while cooking? a) tell a staff member b) carry on working c) run away 9) What should you do if you break a glass in the kitchen? a) laugh b) leave it and pick up another one c) clean it up 10) what should you do if a food item is past its expiry date? a) use it for cooking b) bin it c) hide it




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