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1) Select the Nocturnal animal. a) Aye Aye b) Cat c) Dog d) Bird e) Badger f) Hawk 2) Select the Diurnal animal. a) Wolf b) Hippo c) Unicorn d) Bat e) Horse f) Beaver 3) What is Santa's lead reindeer? a) Dasher b) Donner c) Prancer d) Ruddolph e) Blitzen f) Comet 4) What is the smallest mammal? a) Etruscan Shrew b) Tiny Shrew c) Bee Mouse d) Bee Hummingbird e) Cat f) Blue Whale 5) What is Halloween's Nickname? a) Hallow's Eve b) It has none c) Ghastly night d) The night of Tricks and Treats e) All Hallow's Eve 6) When is Noah's Birthday? a) November, 30, 2009 b) December, 14, 2009 c) April, 9, 2010 7) When is World Animal Day? a) September, 21 b) October,4 c) June, 8 8) How do you say Goodbye in German? a) Goodbye b) There is no word c) Aloha d) Auf Wiedersehen e) Auf Winsorma 9) How far away should you stay away from wild big animals? a) 25 yards from herbivores and 100 from carnivores b) 2 feet from all animals c) 25 yards form all animals d) 25 ft from herbivores and 100 ft from carnivores e) 100 ft from all animals 10) What animal loves to sleep? a) Cat b) Mouse c) Opossum d) Bird e) Dog




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