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1858 - The year the first combustion engine was created, 500 - How many millions was the initial investment to build the EMC, 15 - How many millions of cars Ford built on his production line in 15 years, 1897 - The year the first diesel engine was built , 1876 - The year the first four stroke engine was patented in Germany, 17 - How many zones there are in the Assembly Hall, 245 - How many parts there are in an engine , 40 - How many seconds on average, between each completed engine coming off the production line , 2014 - The year the Queen opened the EMC, 1922 - The year Jaguar Land Rover's origins be can be traced too, 6 - How many JLR plants there are in the UK, 1970 - The year the Range Rover first appeared on our roads,

History & General EMC knowledge number quiz


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