1) Do you want me to help you? a) Don`t mention it b) Yes, I`d like to help you. c) No, thanks. 2) What is she like? a) She likes swimming. b) She`s very mean. c) She`s short. 3) Thanks for help a) That`s a shame b) Take care c) You`re welcome. 4) School is boring a) You`re right b) What a pity! c) Be careful. 5) What time should I start doing my homework? a) Unlucky you. b) Not at all. c) It`s up to you. 6) Oh! My leg hurts! a) Bless you b) I need to see a doctor! c) What`s happened? 7) Can I speak to Mr Johnson? a) Listening b) Here I am c) Speaking 8) You lost my phone!!!! a) I`m sorry I`m late b) I`m sorry to hear that c) I`m sorry I didn`t mean to 9) I`ve just broken your car… a) Shame on you! b) Enjoy it! c) You made my day. 10) My brother lost my cat in a park. a) Here you are b) Let me have a look c) I`m sorry to hear that. 11) Jak się czuje twoja mama? a) Don`t mention it. b) She`s generous. c) She is fine. 12) Poproś o pomoc. a) Can you give me a hand? b) Can you say “help”? c) Can I help you? 13) Powiedz, że było ci miło pomóc koledze. a) That`s a shame b) My pleasure c) Take your time 14) Zapytaj o drogę do biblioteki a) Where is the meeting in a library? b) Can you show me round a library? c) Can you tell me how to get to a library? 15) Kolega zgubił klucze. Co powiesz? a) Unlucky you. b) Not at all. c) It`s up to you. 16) Zapytaj jaka jest pogoda w Londynie a) Do you know the weather in London? b) Is it rainy in London? c) What`s the weather like in London? 17) Zapytaj koleżankę czego się napije a) Do you drink? b) Would you like to drink? c) What would you like to drink? 18) Zapytaj o godzinę a) Do you happen to know what the time is? b) Do you have time? c) Do you have a watch? 19) Wyraź nadzieję, że zdasz egzamin. a) I hope to resit my exam b) I hope to fail my exam c) I hope to pass my exam 20) Nie wiesz gdzie zostawileś kluczyk od szafki. Co powiesz koledze? a) I`m afraid I can`t find my key. b) l don`t know whose key it can be c) I should remember to leave the key.




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