1) What was Prophet Muhammad (S) father's name? a) Amin b) Abdullah c) Abdul d) Ahmed e) Abu Talib f) Aziz 2) What was Prophet Muhammad (S) mother's name? a) Fatima b) Asma c) Alina d) Khadijah e) Aminah f) Ayesha 3) Where was Prophet Muhammad (S) born? a) Madinah b) Makkah c) Egypt d) Syria e) Yemen 4) Who was the last Prophet sent by Allah? a) Muhammad (S) b) Ibrahim c) Adam d) Yusuf e) Jibril f) Abu Bakr 5) Prophet Muhammad (S) lost both his parents at an early age and he was called an a) Student b) Teacher c) Messenger d) Orphan e) Kid

Family of Prophet Muhammad (S)




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