1) How is sound produced? a) Through the reflection of objects b) Through the movements of the objects c) Through the vibrations of an object d) Through the vibrations of air 2) Sound moves................... a) in straight line b) in one direction c) in all directions d) when temperature changes 3) How does this instrument produce sound? a) Plucking b) Beating c) Pushing d) Blowing 4) Which of the following sound is harmful? a) b) c) d) 5) What is the phenomenon produced when sound is reflected? a) Shadows b) Vibrations c) Ringing d) Echo 6) When a sound hits __________________ , it is reflected a) a soft surface b) a hard surface c) a shining surface d) a smooth surface 7) Sonar is a technology that reflects______________ to detects _________________ in water a) echo , objects b) ultrasound , objects c) ultrasonics sound , objects d) waves , objects 8) Frequent or exessive loud noise can cause______________ a) hearing problems b) eye problems c) soothing sound 9) Which of the following is not sound absorbers? a) b) c) d) 10) Choose 3 uses of sound..... a) Communications b) Notifications c) Emergency alert d) Vibrations 11) How does this music instrument produce sound? a) By clicking b) By clapping c) By blowing d) By knocking




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