1) Are your friends girls or boys? a) My friends are girls and boys b) I my friends are girls and boys c) Are girls and boys 2) Where do you play with your friends? a) At video games b) After school c) In the garden 3) What games do you play with your friends? a) At video games b) After school c) In the garden 4) How many bedrooms are there in your house? a) Are .... bedrooms b) They are .... bedrooms c) There are ..... bedrooms 5) Where in your home do you eat? a) In my bedroom b) In the bathroom c) In the kitchen 6) What do you like drinking? a) I like drink ..... b) My drink .... c) I like drinking ... 7) Is your school big or small? a) Is big b) My is big c) It's big 8) What's your favourite room? a) My room favourite is.... b) My room is favourite is... c) My favourite room is... 9) Where do you live? a) In school b) In house c) In (Arcore, Ornago, Vimercate..) 10) Who do you phone? a) Phone I my friends b) My friends I phone c) I phone my friends 11) What do you drink for breakfast? a) Milk b) Cereals c) Oranges 12) Is you English teacher tall or short? a) My teacher English is tall b) My teacher of English is tall c) My English teacher is tall 13) How may boys and girls are there in your class? a) Yes! b) There are 10 boys and 10 girls c) There is 10 boys and 10 girls 14) Is your English teacher a boy or a girl? a) He is a boy b) She is a girl c) He is a girl 15) What colour is your classroom? a) Is white b) Classroom is white c) It's white 16) Have you got a school bag? a) Yes I got b) Yes I have c) Yes I can 17) Is your school lunch good? a) Yes, I good b) For lunch I eat pasta c) Yes, it's good 18) What do you eat at lunchtime? a) I eat water b) I eat lunchtime c) I eat pasta 19) What's your favourite subject? a) My subject favourite is English b) My favourite subject is English c) My favourite subject English 20) Who do you sit next to at school? a) I sit next to .... b) At school sit next to... c) Sit next to... 21) Do you wear glasses? a) No I can't b) No I do c) No I don't 22) Where can you play after school? a) In the garden b) In the street c) In my class 23) Do you read English books? a) Yes I can b) Yes I have c) Yes I do 24) Do you like frogs? a) Yes I do b) Yes ai like frog c) Yes I have a frog




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