inside, frustrate, compete, invite, lifetime, basement, escape, confuse, complete, classmate, include, costume, dictate, explode, mistake, Oh no! Give 1 point to each player., reptile, statement, Boom! Give 3 of your points to one other player., volume, vampire, rosebud, admire, springtime, athlete, Again?! Lose 2 points!, frostbite, unsafe, landslide, wildlife, compare, filtrate, Boom! Give 1 of your points to each player!, dislike, postpone, cupcake, grapevine, pancake, bedtime, Here we go again! Lose 2 points!, Yippee! Take two points from each player!, Yippee! Take an extra turn., Yippee! Take 3 points from one other player!, My classmate got the top prize. (+1 point), My milk and cupcake did not last long. (+1 point), This problem does frustrate me! (+1 point), Steve and Tom sat by the fireside while Beth and Jane went out on the pond to skate. (+2 points), Ed went to the Shrimp Shed and had a clam plate and a milkshake. (+2 points), The children were upset when it was bedtime. (+1 point), I think I will invite Zeke to the wedding. (+1 point).

Boom! With Multi-syllable vce and closed syllables-words and sentences


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