Where are your glasses?, The dog is wearing its collar., Let's go to our favorite beach., Did you hear their names?, Bob drank his coffee slowly. , Mary didn't touch her dinner. , I like mustard on my hot dog. , You told me that yesterday. , He drove us home in his new car. , She likes to go hiking in the mountains. , It barked all night. , We will meet you there. , They are in my math class. , Please give me a chance. , The present was for you. , Mom thanked him for the gift. , Our friends drove her home. , The dog buried it. , Dad read the story to us at bedtime. , Get in line behind them. , I can do it all by myself. , He built the birdhouse himself. , She did her homework by herself. , We can make dinner ourselves. , You are too young to go out by yourself. , The actors made their costumes themselves. .

Mixed up Sentences with Pronoun Targets





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