1) You’re all wet and your clothes are, too. (You have been driving a motorcycle in the rain.) 2) Your hands are covered in dirt and so are the knees of your jeans. (You have been planting flowers in the garden.) 3) You are in a great mood and you have trouble hearing. (You have been listening to loud music at a rock concert.) 4) You keep talking about magic! (You have been reading Harry Potter books (or watching the movies).) 5) You are wearing workout clothes and are sweating. (You have been running.) 6) You keep humming classical music. (You have been playing the piano a lot recently.) 7) You dance around the house. (You have been taking dance classes.) 8) I often feel sick and I have gained weight. (I have been eating too much.) 9) You have grease under your fingernails. (You have been fixing the car.) 10) My school books are open but I’m not looking at them. I’m playing computer games. HINT: Negative Sentence (I haven’t been studying.) 11) My friend told me all about her day but I don’t remember anything. She’s mad at me. HINT: Negative Sentence (I haven’t been listening.) 12) You are really good at the guitar and everyone is impressed. (I have been playing the guitar for years.) 13) You are a very talented soccer player and play for the national team. (You have been playing soccer all your life.) 14) My English is really good and I feel confident. (I have been studying English and practicing a lot!) 15) I have enough money now to buy a new house. (I have been saving money.) 16) I have a terrible sunburn! (I have been spending too much time in the sun.) 17) You have cold skin and a cold, drippy nose. (You have been walking in the cold.) 18) You are a child and you have paint on your hands and all over your clothes. (You have been painting on the walls.)




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