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1) Who is Halime Sultan's uncle? 2 answers one is sadrevin konrevi a) Sultan Alleuddin b) Shehzade Noman c) Shehzade Yigit d) Saddrevin Konrevi e) Benim f) Sulayman Shah 2) Who is Banu Cicek Hatun? three answers one of them is saddreving konrevi a) Dogan Alps wife b) Bansi Beyreks Wife c) Sadrevin konrevi d) beybolat beys cousin in law e) benim bachum f) best woman archer who always wins nawruz competitions 3) Who is did dragos pretend to be? a) bellringer b) uranos c) a sheykh d) a dervish 4) 👓do you like Uv glasess a) yes b) no 5) is t.v the best electronical device? all answers are right a) yes b) no c) a little d) maybe 6) what is your favorite thing in the world a) family fun and food b) everything c) ur room d) myself 7) is kurulus osman better than dirilis ertugrul? a) no b) yes c) a little bit better

Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman




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