1) One point- Someone has taken your pencil, now you don't have one 2) One point- Your caregiver asks you to take the garbage out but your favorite tv show is on 3) One point- What is the capital of Colorado? 4) One point- How high is Denver Colorado? 5) Two points- Your friend wants you to play basketball but you want to watch tv 6) Two points-Your friend asks you to borrow a piece of paper but you only have one piece left and you want to use it 7) Two points- Whose nose grew longer as he lied? 8) Two points- What do caterpillers turn into? 9) Three points- You have a project due tomorrow and you need help putting the poster together. Your foster sister is working with your foster parent. You feel like your foster sister gets more attention than you do.   10) Three points- Which super hero can climb walls and buildings? 11) Three points- Your sister used colored pens without out permission.  She did not put the lid on them and now they are dried out. 12) Three points- If you suffer from arachnophopia, which animal are you afraid of? 13) Four points- Name one thing you are proud of 14) Three points- Your brother keeps annoying you while you are doing homework 15) Four points- what is one thing you are good at? 16) Four points- Your classmate teases you when you get the wrong answer in class

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