How was your school today?, Give me three adjectives to describe your day today., How was your weekend? What did you do?, What would you rather be doing now? Why?, What would make you happy now?, If you had 3 wishes now, what would you wish for?, What makes you smile: give 3 examples!, What would you give me for homework today?Why?, What do you think I did last weekend?, What discourages you?, What would motivate you to work hard today?, Do you remember any dream you have had recently? , When was the last time you cheated during the test?, Have you received any unfair grades lately? Why do you think so?, What would you like to be now? Why?, Would you change your behaviour if you were to change sth for the better?, Is your teacher in a good mood today? Why? Why not?, Has any of your teachers been in a bad mood lately? Why?, Has any of your teachers been in a good mood lately? Why?, Tell us something optimistic., Tell us something funny (a joke or a meme you have read)..


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