1) When did the Great Depression occur? a) 1929 b) 2009 c) 1939 d) 1942 2) What is Wall Street? a) A street in New York City where the White House is b) A street in New York city where many financial firms are based c) A street in New York City which has an abnormal number of walls d) A street in New York City which is only one-way 3) What was the Wall Street Crash? a) A serious economic crash in which multiple banks collapsed b) A terrible accident occuring on Wall Street c) A famous event in which the 'wall' of Wall Street collapsed d) An economic event in which stock prices grew 4) Tick any of the following which contributed to the Wall Street Crash: a) Food prices dropped, affecting farmers' incomes b) Many normal Americans invested in the stock exchange but borrowed money to do it c) Goods were being made quicker and more effectively but not being sold d) The cost of stock prices rose to a level which couldn't be sustained 5) How long did the Great Depression last? a) Four years b) Seven years c) Thirty years d) Ten years 6) At its peak, how many people were estimated to be unemployed? a) Between 3 and 5 million people b) Between 7 and 10 million people c) Between 13 and 15 million people d) Between 13 and 15 thousand people 7) What is an itinerant or migrant worker? a) Someone who travels for business b) Someone who had to move from place to place to find work c) Someone who didn't want to settle down in one place d) Someone who lived away from their family 8) What was the Dust Bowl? a) A period of dust storms in mid-west America causing poor crops b) A part of mid-west America which was famously sandy c) A period in which soil was improved for crop growth due to dust d) A period in which farmers got trapped in quicksand due to dust storms 9) How many itinerant or migrant workers were there believed to be?  a) 1.3 million b) 13 million c) 1.3 thousand d) 13 thousand 10) What was the American Dream? a) If you are born into money, your life will be easier b) If you work hard, you might be given a better job c) Everyone deserves equal wages and opportunities  d) If you work hard, you will succeed 11) Which group was hit hardest during the Great Depression? a) Native American Indians b) European migrant workers c) African Americans d) The elite in society 12) What percentage of black Americans were unemployed in 1932? a) 30% b) 50% c) 15% d) 38%

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