What kinds of jobs do young people NOT want to do in your country?, Do you agree that many people nowadays are under pressure to work longer hours and take less holiday time?, What is the best age for children to start computer lessons?, Do you think that schools should use more technology to help children learn?, Do you agree or disagree that computers will replace teachers one day?, How much has technology improved how we communicate with each other?, Do you agree that there are still many more major technological innovations to be made?, Is money always the most important thing when choosing a job?, Could you suggest some reasons why some people are deciding to reduce their use of technology?, What is the impact on society of people having a poor work-life balance?, Why is it good to discuss problems with other people?, Could you recommend some effective strategies for governments and employers to ensure people have a good work-life balance?, Do you think that it's better to talk to friends and not family about problems?, Who is best at advising young people about choosing a job: teachers or parents?, What are the possible effects of poor written communication skills at work?, What do you think will be the future impact of technology on communication in the workplace?, Why do some people find the internet addictive?, What would the world be like without the internet?, In the future, what sort of relaxation techniques will be the most popular?, What are ways that social media can be used for positive purposes?, Is it always a good idea to tell lots of people about a problem?, Why do some individuals post highly negative comments about other people on social media?, Today, many young people move away from smaller towns to big cities. What effect does this have on these small towns?, Which communication skills are most important when taking part in meetings with colleagues?, Do you think that companies' main form of advertising will be social media in the future?, What can you learn about different cultures from their art work?, Should governments fund art galleries and public art projects?, What benefits do competitive sports have for the people taking part?, Should physical education be compulsory for all school children?, Do you think that within the next 100 years we will be trying to build new cities on other planets?, Do you think that the way people use the internet may change in the future?, What would happen if the government put limits on how many people were allowed to live in big cities?, Why has convenience food become so popular over the past few years?.


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