manifest - to reveal, misogyny - prejudice against or dislike of women, mobile - able to easily move or travel, neologism - a new word or expression, nonchalance - boredom; indifference, nuance - a subtle difference or distinction in expression, omit - leave out or exclude information, onerous - burdensome; heavy; hard to endure, ostensible - apparent; seemingly true, oxymoron - contradictory terms, appearing side by side, paladin - a leading champion of a cause, permeate - to spread through; penetrate, persist - to keep going; to not stop, pitfall - an unseen danger; risk, plead - request earnestly; beg, poignant - touching; moving; sad. , precede - come before, propensity - a natural inclination or tendency, proportional - comparable; similar but of different size, proximity - how near two or more object are to each other, raiment - clothing, garment, raze - to tear down; destroy, redundant - unnecasary; pointless; repetitive, relevant - appropriate; to the point, replete - filled up; overflowing, resilient - able to recover quickly, rigor - strict adherence to high standards, sanction - to formally accept, satire - a humorous writing that makes fun of something., scarce - rare; difficult to find enough of, scurrilous - rude; coarsely abusive; vulgar, sustainable - able to be maintained, tactful - polite, tenet - a belief generally held to be true, tentative - hesitant; not definite, trite - unoriginal and stale due to overuse, vanguard - the forefront of an action or movement, vaporize - to turn to vapor or mist, whimsical - silly, for fun; on a whim, xylography - the art of engraving wood,




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