True: A badly paid job is one that gives you very little money for your work., A dream job is something you really want to do in the future., A full-time job means you work every day and have a full salary., If you work for a company, you have a manager and a boss., If you work indoors, it means you work in a building., Teachers in state schools are underpaid., Farmers have to deal with a lot of outdoors work., Lawyers and doctors work long hours., As a famous actor you can say you have a well-paid job., False: Voluntary work lets you earn a lot of money., Mental work means you work at a mental hospital., A part-time job means that you only do certain parts of a job., Physical work means you work in the field of physics., If you work in an office, it means you are an officer., Being a flight attendant can be a summer job., Firefighters don't work under pressure., Nurses don't work night shifts., Being a police officer can be a temporary job.,




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