commodity - a product or a raw material that can be bought and sold, graze - when cows or other animals eat grass, smuggle - to take something into or out of a place in an illegal or secret way, stimulate - to make someone feel interested and excited, anxiety - an uncomfortable feeling caused by fear or worry, dose - a measured amount of something, goatherd - someone who looks after goats, extreme - very large in amount or degree, stimulant - a substance that makes you feel more active and awake, cultivate - to prepare and use land for growing plants or crops, producer - a company, country, or person that makes goods or grows food, ideal - perfect, or the best possible, production - the process of making or growing something, originate - to come from a particular place or person, survive - to continue to live or exist, remaining - the rest of something, outer - on the edge or surface of something, import - to bring something into your country from another country for people to buy, instant - happening immediately, worldwide - in all parts of the world,




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