I am. - Já jsem., You are. - Ty jsi., He is. - On je., She is. - Ona je., It is. - To je., We are. - My jsme., You are ... - Vy jste..., They are. - Oni jsou., I am not. - Já nejsem., You are not. - Ty nejsi., He is not. - On není., She is not. - Ona není., It is not. - To není., We are not. - My nejsme., You are not... - Vy nejste..., They are not. - Oni nejsou., I’m not. - Nejsem., You aren't. - Nejsi., He isn't. - Není. (on), She isn't. - Není. (ona), It isn't. - Není. (to), We aren't. - Nejsme., You aren't... - Nejste., They aren't. - Nejsou., Am I? - Jsem?, Are you? - Jsi?, Is he? - Je? (on), Is she? - Je? (ona), Is it? - Je? (to), Are we? - Jsme?,




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