Let's go to a restaurant today., Can I have fish and chips, please?, Can I have a glass of milk, please?, Help yourself., Oh, it's delicious., Enjoy your meal., The egg sandwich and cheese for you., Olivia's dad is a farmer and he grows pumpkins, carrots, lettuces and potatoes on his farm., We grow carrots and we have an apple tree., Let's make gingerbread cookies!, We need one cup of flour, one cup of sugar, some butter, two eggs and one teaspoon of ginger., Put the flour and ginger into a bowl., Bake the cookies for 10 minutes., Mix it all together., Mum, can you help us please?, Add the butter, sugar and eggs., Carrots are Lily's favourite vegetables!, And for me some tomato soup, chicken and vegetables..

Hello Explorer 3 Unit 4 Food NSPJ


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