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Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United [States] on the [fourth] [Thursday] in [November]. It is a four-day weekend. Pupils don't go to [school]. , In [New York] there is a big parade with [floats], [balloons] and [marching] [bands]., On Thanksgiving day, [families] and friends enjoy a meal together. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner consists of [roast] [turkey], [corn], mashed [potatoes], green [beans] and [cranberry] sauce., Traditional Thanksgiving desserts are [pumpkin] and [apple] [pie]. It is tradition to watch [football] match in the afternoon., At the [beginning] of the 17th [century], a religious [group] called the [Puritans] are persecuted in [England]. They decide to go to [America] to establish a [colony] where they can practice their [religion] freely., In [September] 1620, a hundred and two Puritans and [colonists] leave [Plymouth], England on a [ship] called [The Mayflower]. The [voyage] on the Atlantic [Ocean] is very dangerous. , In [December] 1620, they arrive in [America], in what is today Cape Cod, [Massachusetts]. These original [colonists] are known as the Pilgrims or Pilgrim [Fathers]., Their [first] winter is very [difficult]. The Pilgrims are [cold] and [hungry]. Forty-five Pilgrims [die] during this time., In the [spring] of 1621, [Native] Americans from the [Wampanoag] tribe help the [Pilgrims] survive. One of them can speak [English]. His name is [Squanto]., Squanto [shows] the colonists how to [plant] local crops, such as pumpkins and corn, as well as where to [fish] and hunt. The Pilgrims [work] hard. They [build] houses, they [go] hunting and fishing., The harvest of 1621 [produces] a lot of food so a feast is organized to [celebrate] and [give] thanks to God. The grateful Pilgrims [invite] Squanto and other Native Americans. They [have] a big celebration for three days. It [is] the first Thanksgiving..

Thanksgiving Past and Present - Sentences


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