1) The power in your house went out  2) There is a new student in your class 3) You are at home and have nothing to do 4) You wake up and it's snowing 5) It's the last day of school before summer break.  6) You drop your tray of food in the cafeteria 7) Your friend invites you to go see a movie that you really want to see.  8) Your teacher asks you to come back from break 9) Your teacher asks you to do a math problem that is really hard  10) You have a substitute teacher 11) Your teacher asks you to go to the break space  12) You're in the middle of playing a video game and it's time to go to bed 13) Your teacher tells you she is proud of how hard you worked 14) You go outside to ride your bike and it has a flat tire 15) You are trying to watch TV but someone is yelling in your house 16) Your soccer team wins the game. 17) Your friend is ignoring you.  18) You couldn't fall asleep last night and had to wake up early for school.  19) You can't go outside for recess because it is raining 20) Your birthday is next week 21) Your friend asks you to play a game 22) You finished reading a book you thought was too hard 23) Someone cuts in front of you in the lunch line.  24) Your teacher says you are going to watch a movie you do not like 25) You lost your favorite toy

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