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1) How many words can you make from the word practitioner (60 seconds) 2) A film starts at 7.45 pm. The film lasts 98 minutes. What time does the film finish? (60 seconds) 3) Break out group task - what is whistle blowing and is it important  (5 minutes) 4) What is the role of HSC practitioners in the promotion of equality, inclusion, rights and diversity? 5) What is the meaning of person centred practice in care settings 6) Please provide an example of how health and social care practitioners empower individuals 7) Describe how HSC practitioners challenge unfair or discriminatory practice  8) Explain how HSC practitioners could educate and mentor others 9) What is risk management and what would it look like in a care setting? 10) What is reflective practice and how could this be of benefit to HSC practitioners 11) How could HSC practitioners work with legislation (what type of legislation) 12) What is the meaning of organisational culture 13) How could HSC practitioners review and develop policies and procedures 14) Q: How is an English teacher like a judge? A: They both give out sentences. 15) Break out - please complete set task (10 minutes)

CM1 Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate the role of Health and Social Care Practitioners




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