1) My dad’s really ____, because I broke his computer. a) scared b) sad c) angry 2) We’re so ____! There’s nothing to do here. There’s no wifi, no TV and it’s raining! a) happy b) bored c) scared 3) Horace is a professional artist. Creating works of art is his ____. a) hobby b) culture c) job 4) Didgeridoos are ____ Aboriginal instruments and make a great souvenir from a trip to Australia. a) traditional b) weird c) smart 5) This looks really ____. I think there’s something wrong vwith it. It’s not normal. a) unkind b) mean c) weird 6) Some people think that dogs aren’t clever, but most are really ____. a) attractive b) great c) smart 7) I’ve got red hair and pale skin, so I ____ get a tan. a) always b) never c) usually 8) ‘Does your uncle have ____ ?’ ‘Yes, he hates shaving!’ a) long hair b) a beard c) curly hair 9) I want to have braces fitted, because my teeth ____. a) aren’t straight b) are straight c) are nice 10) Susie always uses suncream because she’s got ____ skin. a) blonde b) wavy c) pale 11) Adrian is such a ____ person. He’s never sad. a) sociable b) silly c) cheerful 12) Denise finds going to parties really difficult because she’s very ____. a) shy b) sociable c) kind 13) Why don’t you want to help me? It’s not very ____ to just stand and watch me! a) funny b) kind c) cheerful 14) That was a really stupid thing to do! I can’t believe you’re so ____ sometimes. a) sociable b) shy c) silly 15) ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I’m really ____ about my exams. I’ve got three tomorrow.’ a) worry b) worried c) worring 16) Stop doing that! It’s really ____. a) annoy b) annoyed c) annoying 17) We’re really angry ____ the terrible things that he said. a) about b) for c) at 18) ‘Have you heard the ____ news?’ ‘Yes, it’s terrible.’ a) shock b) shocked c) shocking 19) I really like Hannah’s friends. They are so ____. They always help each other. a) care b) careful c) caring 20) Ralph has a ____ girlfriend. Everyone likes her a) love b) lovely c) lazy

Teen Explorer 7 Unit 2 (Vocabulary Quiz)




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